I have been in practice for over twenty-five years, providing counseling, hypnotherapy and classes that support personal transformation. I welcome the opportunity to provide guidance and effective tools that can free you from self-limiting patterns, build on your natural resilience and resourcefulness, and focus your inner strengths to meet life’s challenges and opportunities.


Having challenges is a natural part of our process of growing and evolving. Whether you are faced with a short-term issue or struggling with a repetitive pattern that no longer serves you, I offer you support, practical tools and guidance to fortify your natural strengths and bring them into your life.  Find out more

Each time I go to Mani with an obstacle that seems immeasurably bigger than me, she shifts my experience, and I walk away with the tables turned; I have grown and the obstacle has shrunk. I find new room in the house of me. I am beyond grateful.  –J.C.


The Enneagram is a spiritual and psychological framework for understanding the qualities and motivations of your personality. Join Michael Gardner and myself for an Enneagram Salon or a private consulting session to explore your own path and your relationships with others viewed through the awareness of the Enneagram Find out more


Writing your story is not the same as speaking. Even if you are just starting the process of memoir writing, you will be amazed at the events and memories that come to life through the creative process. I offer you encouragement and some pointers from the craft of memoir writing. Ignite your creative spark! Find out more




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The Woman in the Photograph,
winner of the 2013 BEST MEMOIR award, is a compelling narrative about the search for a mother’s hidden past. This beautifully written memoir reads like a detective story. It will stir your curiosity and make you wonder how your life has been influenced by events you know little about.

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Journey from Anxiety to Freedom By revealing her own story, Mani Feniger reminds us that our biggest fear can become our most profound teacher. She takes readers on a journey from her terrifying first panic attack to her renewed confidence driving across bridges, flying, and finally taking a long-desired trip abroad. Anxiety sufferers will emerge with practical tools and motivation, knowing that others like themselves have faced their worst fears, and now live with peace of mind.