In 1980 Mani participated in and subsequently taught a series of classes for developing intuition and emotional clarity (Inner Vision). In 1987, she completed her training as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and an extensive program at the Institute for Accelerated Personal Transformation (APT) founded by Jeru Kabbal. Throughout her career, Mani has continued to expand her experience by working with many skilled teachers in the field of human development.

Mani is a seasoned speaker and has presented at diverse venues such as the Anxiety Disorders Association of America and the San Francisco Business and Professional Women’s Conference. Mani has been a consultant to several groundbreaking documentaries made by Future Educational Films, including Breaking Silence (1985) and Walking the Camino: Six Ways to Santiago (2014). She is the author of “Journey from Anxiety to Freedom” (1997) and the award-winning memoir “The Woman in the Photograph: The Search for My Mother’s Past.”

Mani’s life has always been motivated by the commitment to live fully and to look beyond the surface appearance of things. She was a disciple of Bhagwan Rajneesh, also known as Osho, and in 1992 traveled to India to sit with H.W.L. Poonja. She also participated in programs with Thich Nhat Hanh, Gangaji and Adyashanti.

In her own words:
“Over the past twenty-five years, I have continued my journey of exploration, finding many keys to the peace and presence I sought. One of my important realizations is that you don’t have to figure everything out yourself or have all the answers. I learned that if you just do your part each day and make good use of what you do know, support and possibilities you hadn’t previously imagined continue to become available. Move at your own pace. Trust your journey.”