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Mani Feniger is an author, teacher and clinical hypnotherapist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her 1997 self-help book “Journey from Anxiety to Freedom” has given thousands of people the tools to reclaim their lives.

Her powerful new book, The Woman in the Photograph, winner of the 2013 BEST MEMOIR award, is a compelling narrative set in motion by an unexpected meeting with history. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the door to her mother’s vanished past sprang open and what she discovered irrevocably changed her life. Her surprising, beautifully written memoir reads like a detective story. It will stir your curiosity and make you wonder how your life has been influenced by events you know little about.


This is an eloquent account of a daughter’s transformative journey into the heart of her mother’s hidden life. It will resonate deeply with anyone who has ever wondered about a parent’s untold stories.– Elizabeth Rosner, author of “The Speed of Light” and “Blue Nude.”

Mani’s evocative book unfolds like a mystery. The story has a heartbeat as she uncovers the power of secrets. I found myself rooting for her and her mother.– Sue Bender, author of “Plain and Simple” and “Everyday Sacred.”




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