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Mani Feniger is an author, teacher and clinical hypnotherapist living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her popular and sensitive book, Journey from Anxiety to Freedom, follows the lives of eight people (including the author) who struggled with anxiety and found the tools to reclaim their lives.

The Woman in the Photograph

Mani Feniger’s upcoming book, The Woman in the Photograph, is a compelling memoir set in motion by an unexpected meeting with history. With the fall of the Berlin Wall, the door to her mother’s vanished past sprang open and what she discovered irrevocably change her life. Her surprising journey is both poignant and hopeful and will make you wonder about the man or woman in your own photographs and how your life has been influenced by events you know little about.

LEGACY: The Blog

An exploration of the mysterious weaving of past and present, personal and historical and some related books, stories and resources.




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